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Slab Our natural stone slabs are imported from elite partners worldwide. Internationally known for the quality of material we carry, Intrepid consistently adheres to a high standard of quality control. This slab collection contains stunning slices of the natural world.


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Jura Gold Limestone Slab - Jura Gold Limestone Slab

Jura Gold Limestone Slab


Jura Gold Limestone strongly resembles the walls of an ancient cave. When juxtaposed in a modern dwelling, the muted… More Details

Jura Grey Limestone Slab - Close Up - Jura Grey Limestone Slab

Jura Grey Limestone Slab


Creamy Gray at first glance, a closer look reveals the dynamic hues that make this stone so intriguing. Below the… More Details

Mocha Cream Limestone Slab - Close Up - Mocha Cream Limestone Slab

Mocha Cream Limestone Slab


Loosely dispersed grains populate a fallow matrix of muted specks and sediments in Mocha Cream Limestone. This stone… More Details

Napolina Limestone Slab - Close Up - Napolina Limestone Slab

Napolina Limestone Slab


Dazzling quartz crystal deposits ranging in color from deep rich caramel to nearly transparent white float in a sea… More Details

Sabbia Limestone Slab - Sabbia Limestone Slab

Sabbia Limestone Slab


Lively organic shapes in pale gold tones make their way across this stone in all directions. This aesthetically pleasing… More Details

Seagrass Limestone Slab - close up - Seagrass Limestone Slab

Seagrass Limestone Slab


An incredible collection of fossils and sediments compose Seagrass Limestone. This stone is rich in pink, brown and… More Details

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