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Slab Our natural stone slabs are imported from elite partners worldwide. Internationally known for the quality of material we carry, Intrepid consistently adheres to a high standard of quality control. This slab collection contains stunning slices of the natural world.


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 - Absolute Black Granite Slab

Absolute Black Granite Slab


Pitch black stone interrupted by Gray specks that break up silence within this granite. Silent waves move along the… More Details

African Ivory Granite Slab - African Ivory Granite Slab

African Ivory Granite Slab


Reminiscent of beach sunsets, the soothing colors of African Ivory Granite are highlighted with mixes of beiges, greys,… More Details

Agata Granite Slab - Agata Granite Slab

Agata Granite Slab


Agata is an exceptionally hard granite that beautifully blends dramatic movement with a restrained color pallet. At… More Details

Alaska White Granite Slab - Alaska White Granite Slab

Alaska White Granite Slab


Like the work of Jack Frost on a window pane Alaska White's icy background is punctuated by crystal formations that… More Details

Allure Granite Slab - Allure Granite Slab

Allure Granite Slab


Dramatic chucks of quartz lend depth to these warm toned slabs. Allure features warm taupes, clear and amber quartz… More Details

Amarone Granite Slab Close-Up - Amarone Granite Slab

Amarone Granite Slab


Amarone Granite combines rich chocolate browns, cool greys and warm cream tones in a dramatic display of depth and… More Details

Antique Labrador Granite Slab - Close Up - Antique Labrador Granite Slab

Antique Labrador Granite Slab


Massive mica flakes compete with fluorescent blue crystals for the lead role in Antique Labrador Granite. While flashy… More Details

Aspen White Granite Slab - Aspen White Granite Slab

Aspen White Granite Slab


As if painted by Jack Frost, Aspen White displays cool whites and greys broken up by sparkling silver mica and a smattering… More Details

Audax Granite Slab - Audax Granite Slab

Audax Granite Slab


Warm rich chocolate and caramel tones are broken up by chunks of quarts and smudges of charcoal in this handsome granite.… More Details

Aurora Blue Quartzite Slab - Close Up - Aurora Blue Quartzite Slab

Aurora Blue Quartzite Slab


Soft blues mix with gold, white and rust tones making Aurora Blue a respite for your eyes. More Details

Austral Dream Quartzite Slab - Close Up - Austral Dream Quartzite Slab

Austral Dream Quartzite Slab


Like a fading sunset on cream colored clouds, soft strokes of color grace the surface of Austral Dream Quartzite.… More Details

Baricato Granite Slab - Baricato Granite Slab

Baricato Granite Slab


The warm and cool greens and greys swirl around creams and rusts giving Baricato a dramatic burst of color. To add… More Details

Bianco Antico Granite Slab - Close Up - Bianco Antico Granite Slab

Bianco Antico Granite Slab


Richly dispersed with colors of cream, bronze and silver, Bianco Antico Granite provides an exciting palette of color.… More Details

Black Cosmic Granite Slab - Close Up - Black Cosmic Granite Slab

Black Cosmic Granite Slab


Extended in time and space, Black Cosmic Granite has universal appeal. The dramatic movement in this beauty is enhanced… More Details

Black Forest Granite Slab - Close Up - Black Forest Granite Slab

Black Forest Granite Slab


Black Forest Granite offers the dramatic contrast of black and white while the matte antiqued finish softens the look… More Details

Black Galaxy Granite Slab - Close Up - Black Galaxy Granite Slab

Black Galaxy Granite Slab


Like staring into the sky on a calm, clear night, one glance at Black Galaxy Granite reveals twinkling copper and… More Details

Black Mosaic Granite Slab - Close Up - Black Mosaic Granite Slab

Black Mosaic Granite Slab


Riverbed of rocks come alive in Black Mosaic Granite. An assortment of grey, black, and white pebbles ripple throughout… More Details

Black Pearl Granite Slab - Close Up - Black Pearl Granite Slab

Black Pearl Granite Slab


The tight pattern of reflective blacks and deep grey tones provide this stone with incredible depth. Whether polished,… More Details

Black Wave Granite Slab - Black Wave Granite Slab

Black Wave Granite Slab


Like a Japanese wave painting, Black Wave captures your attention with dynamic composition and a warm black and cream… More Details

Blue Volga Granite Slab - Close Up - Blue Volga Granite Slab

Blue Volga Granite Slab


Kaleidoscope of spectacular luminous indigo flakes set within a collection of black and gray stones surrounded by… More Details

Brass Blue Granite Slab - Close Up - Brass Blue Granite Slab

Brass Blue Granite Slab


Waxy whimsical waves of sapphire, indigo, light blue and purple blow across Brass Blue Granite. Tiny mica flakes… More Details

Cambrian Black Antiqued Granite  - Cambrian Black Granite Slab

Cambrian Black Granite Slab


Within a dense curtain of darkness, Cambrian Black Antiqued Granite proves that life can thrive under the cover of… More Details

Chateau Blanc Quartzite Slab - Close Up - Chateau Blanc Quartzite Slab

Chateau Blanc Quartzite Slab


The crystalline white background of Chateau Blanc is broken up by gold and rust veins. More Details

Cielo Quartzite Slab - Cielo Quartzite Slab

Cielo Quartzite Slab


Like and aerial photo of an archipelago, Cielo Quartzite blends soft earth tones with the watery blues and greens… More Details

Corteccia Quartzite Slab - Corteccia Quartzite Slab

Corteccia Quartzite Slab


Like short brushstrokes a la Monet, Corteccia Quartzite's linear patterns of white, tan, beige, brown and soft grey… More Details

Costa Esmerelda Granite Slab - Close Up - Costa Esmerelda Granite Slab

Costa Esmerelda Granite Slab


Small compact white and gray stones compose this cool light green granite's surface. Thin dark chasms and crystallized… More Details

Crema Bordeaux Granite Slab - Close Up - Crema Bordeaux Granite Slab

Crema Bordeaux Granite Slab


Mosaic of pinks, oranges, rusts, maroons, Grays, and browns. Each slab contains an unprecedented combination of fluid… More Details

Crema Delicatus Granite Slab  - Crema Delicatus Granite Slab

Crema Delicatus Granite Slab


Flavored with a creamy white feldspar base, Crema Delicatus Granite sandwiches clusters of root bear brown quartz… More Details

Crema Expresso Granite Slab - Crema Expresso Granite Slab

Crema Expresso Granite Slab


With the color scheme of an antique photo and the movement of a Japanese woodcut print, Crema Expresso offers an artistic… More Details

Delerium Granite Slab - Close Up - Delerium Granite Slab

Delerium Granite Slab


Delerium Granite brings together a rare blend of pastels with black. This unique material is sure to make your project… More Details

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